In the lounge The Term Quarry Lisa Brenner

About This Show

Gold gets found in the ground. X-traction. Toads sing to the Moon as they witness a murder and a death, in that order. The Radio and the TV stay on. The community is shaken and appropriate measures get taken.

about the artist

Lisa Brenner is a graduating senior from the nonfiction writing and theater programs at Eugene Lang The New School. She has all the prerequisites to tell the truth. For hiring purposes, please visit @therealgoldrush or her commercial friendship bracelet site, Web of Relations, on Etsy.

Thursday, June 1 at 7:30pm

Free Admission

Estimated Runtime
45 minutes

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Created by:

Lisa Brenner


Joel Uritescu, Eric Bayless-Hall, Lizzie Edwards


Genevieve Parkington


Naomi Kai, Aliyah Hakim, Adam Setton, Caroline Moyer, Khanya Mtshali, Daniel Benhamu, Joel Uritescu, Eric Bayless-Hall

Photo credit:

Lisa Brenner