Salon sYmphoNY The International Women Artists' Salon & The OPTimistiks

About This Show

Celebrate international women artists from history and the here and now on International Women’s Day.┬áHosted by Jenny D Green.

Dozens of New York-based women artists present work from a notable woman artist from their chosen homeland. More than 25 nations will be represented in these tributes to women’s artistry across the globe on International Women’s Day. A multi-disciplinary event, including monologues, songs, dance & even visual art commentaries, celebrating the legacy of cultural riches created by women around the world & sustained today by the women & the city of New York. Sign-up on the night to make sure your nation is included in the Cocktail Hour sYmphoNY Smorgasbord!

About the Host

Jenny D Green is a Glasgow-born, Manchester-raised Actor & Producing Artist who has found her home in Brooklyn. Trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts & the BBC. Her production collective, The OPTimistiks, enjoys collaborations with The International Women Artists’ Salon & Origin Theatre. Jenny is the founding producer and regular host of Salon Radio and is a www.priestess.

Featuring Representation From:

Bangladesh Rahee
Barbados Patsie Ifill
Brazil Bianca Silva
Canada Christine Dixon
China Wenjing Wu
England Emily Eden
France Sophie Malleret
Latvia Darja Schabad
Germany Elisabeth Gelinas
Hungary Ella Veres
Iceland Unnur Eggertsd├│ttir
Ireland Katherine O’Sullivan
Israel Re’ut Ben-ze-ev
Italy Elena Grosso
Japan Asako Takasaki
Netherlands Sabina Petra
New Zealand Indigo Cody Paul
Norway Emilia Brawn
Republic of Bulgaria Evgenia Radilova Duckworth
Purto Rico Ibeth Massari
Scotland Helen McMillan
South Africa Ziaphora Dakile
Spain Patricia Cardona
St. Kitts and Nevis. Heather Archibald
Turkey Derya Celikkol
US-Native Dorothy Krakauer
Wales Gwenfair Vaughan

Tuesday, March 8 at 7:30pm

General Admission
$15 in advance
$18 at the door

Stu / Sen / id NYC

Estimated Runtime
120 minutes

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