Dixon Place hosts Out Of Place Guerassim Dichliev

About This Show

A mime show with lots of strange sounds and unknown voices, Out of Place is the creation of Guerassim Dichliev, a Bulgarian actor who worked with Marcel Marceau. In this frantic performance, Guerassim is a middle-aged man finding himself in extravagant situations, where he wasn’t invited and never belonged. In search for his place, this unstoppable mime flirts with the unknown, falls into the unexpected, and finds himself running after an identity. Romance, adventures, and misunderstandings fill the show in a speedy sequence of drama and comedy. Those who always know their place will be invited to the stage.

about the artist

From Svilengrad, Bulgaria, Guerassim Dichliev is a mime actor based in Paris, France. Starting at the National Academy of Cinema and Theater of Sofia, Guerassim performed with Marcel Marceau in Taiwan, Japan, United States, South America, and Europe. For more than two decades, Guerassim Dichliev has created and performed his own shows. His previous work, A Monologue With A Suitcase, was presented in more than thirty countries; enchanting seniors, kids, and audiences from all backgrounds. Guerassim has shown his art to inmates, farmers, and black-tied spectators.

Thursday & Friday, October 19 & 20, 2017 at 10pm


Estimated Runtime
60 minutes

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