NYC10 Dance Initiative

About this Show

NYC10 is a unique dance project designed by NYC Dance Week, where 10 emerging dance companies/dance groups/dance troupes are given up to 10 minutes to showcase their work.  It is a platform to expand and explore new repertoires or simply try something new. The First Performance date is February 22, 2012 at the Dixon Place, the NYC’s Experimental Theater in the lower east side.  And thereafter the event takes place on every 4th Wednesday of each month, at the same venue, giving a unique opportunity to all those dancers/ dance companies craving to show their work and receive feedback on them.

Kyla Ernst-Alper -
Ballet International Africans -
Thomas/Ortiz Dance -
Azul Dance Theatre/ Yuki Hasegawa -
mishiDance -
Inclined Dance Project -
Anabella Lenzu / DanceDrama -
Shot of Scotch -
Fenn & Company -

Photo Gallery

photos by Peter Yesley

Wednesday, April 16, 7:30 PM

$14 in advance
(limit of 30)

$18 in advance
after initial 30 tickets sold

$20 at the door


Photo credit
Peter Yesley