Dixon Place hosts Neither Sea, Nor Land, Nor Air MATA Festival

About This Show

MATA’s penultimate concert reimagines tradition and genre, pointing the way toward new musical taxonomies. Sabina Ahn’s alchemical Breath morphs the body’s energy into light and sound. Nicolai Worsaae’s Upon your body I’m crawling exhausts its performer – the legendary William Schimmel – as it engages with folk and modern conventions in a breathless one-man accordion-harmonica duet. Traditional instruments are transformed with rippling figurations and angular melody in Ukrainian composer Maxim Kolomiiets’ duet Re-Pulse, and similarly in Qian Zhou’s serene Qu Shui Ming Yun. Mátyás Wettl’s Unusual, proposes a new avant-indie sound, while Germán Alonso’s Time In & Out, pays homage to jazz icon Eric Dolphy.


MATA presents, supports, and commissions the music of young and emerging composers, regardless of their stylistic views or aesthetic inclinations. Founded by Philip Glass, Eleonor Sandresky, and Lisa Bielawa in 1996 as a way to showcase some of the many scores received each year by Mr. Glass, MATA has since developed into the world’s most sought-after performance opportunity for young composers. Critically acclaimed and broadly respected, The New Yorker has hailed MATA as “the city’s leading showcase for vital new music by emerging composers.”

Friday, April 15 at 8pm

General Admission


Estimated Runtime
120 minutes

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Photo Credit
Danielle Baskin