My Body: Not for Consumption Yunique A. Saafir & Corinne Kai

About This Show

With this unique collaboration between photographer, curator and community, we aim to show that a naked body is not an inherently sexual object. Grounded in a belief that the issues propagated by rape culture impact everyone, this event explores radical ways of discussing sex and the body to empower participants to take action and rethink ways in which they consume images of the body and sexual violence.

about the artists

Yunique A. Saafir is a Photographer in Brooklyn New York; via a diaspora journey from Kingston, Jamaica. Her work explores personal experiences with mental health and the idea that depression can illuminate the self and spark clarity. Through photography, she posits the idea that sedative feelings can bring healing and that vulnerability is sacred. She believes there’s power in that ambiguity and darkness, an unappreciated ability to run directly into the void, to become undone, and to rebuild again.

Corinne Werder is a writer, sex educator and community organizer residing in Brooklyn, NY. She looks at the world through the lens of an anti-capitalist, pleasure activist, femme-of-center queer woman. Corinne is a RAINN Speakers Bureau volunteer, sexual assault advocate at Bellevue Hospital and experienced editor. Corinne passionately believes the power of language and accessibility can break open most closed minds. She hosts weekly community action meetings and facilitates conversations around carrying an anti-capitalist framework in artistic work.

Karmenife Paulino is an artist, writer and stand-up comedian from Harlem, NYC. Karmenife is most known for her photo project entitled “Reclamation” where she reclaimed fraternities for survivors of sexual violence. Karmenife currently is working on a collection entitled “Put Him In His Place,” which combines her artwork with harassing messages she has received on online dating sites in an effort to reclaim space, power, and voice. Karmenife has also begun an illustrious career as a stand-up comedian whose work focuses on uplifting marginalized groups that are often targeted in the white, male, cis dominated comedy world.

Wednesday, July 12 at 7:30pm

General Admission

$15 in advance

$18 at the door



Estimated Runtime
75 minutes

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Panel moderator:

Karmenife Paulino


Vanessa Flores, Jamal Lewis, Danni Hu-Yang, Jenna Worthman, Nico Fuentes


Timothy DuWhite

Photo credit:

Yunique Saafir