In the lounge Men and Grandma! Cecilia Gentili

About This Show

My grandmother was very clear when she told me at age 5, ‘‘Boys are assholes and I get the feeling you like them so be prepared!’’  By the time I realized the truth of her statements it was already too late.

Trans-advocate Cecilia Gentili shares stories her grandmother told her when she was 5.

About the Artists

Cecilia Gentili  is a transgender advocate, working as a Assistant Director of Policy at GMHC during the day and telling stories all around and acting (just a little). She just did 2 plays: O` Earth and My Old Man and Other Stories. But she’s trying though.

Julia Rose is a singer, DJ/MC residing in NYC. She graduated from the Philadelphia HS for the Performing Arts and was training in classical vocal music since age 8.

Friday, February 10 at 7:30pm
(Additional 2017 Dates: Fridays, March 17, & April 14 at 7:30pm)

Free Admission

Estimated Runtime
40 minutes

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Featuring Cecilia Gentili

Collaborator: Julia Rose

Photo Credit: Steven Franko