Live from the Middle Ages GIRLS IN THE NOSE 30th Anniversary Tour

About This Show

Our Story: Girls in the Nose: Pickin’ since 1985

Girls in the Nose (GITN), a lesbian-feminist rock band of six uncompromising women, was founded in Austin, TX in 1985 by Kay Turner, Gretchen Phillips & Betsy Peterson to create activist lesbian, sex- positive music and performance. Active from 1985-1996, the Noses are touring again with our 30th anniversary show Live from the Middle Ages. Girl in the Nose still brings the crazy, rude, crude shows that brought many a house down from NYC to Seattle, San Francisco to Chicago, Michfest to Rhythmfest. Our original songs include Come and Die, Bite Me, Breast Exam, Sodomy, More Madonna, Less Jesus, and Where Girls Go. In June 2016, Girl in the Nose and all her glorious odors return to NYC, where Lesbopalooza was founded 25 years ago!

About the Artists

Kay Turner lives in Brooklyn. Her recent music projects in NYC include the duet Snaggletooth with Carolyn Dinshaw and various queer incursions with guitar goddess Viva DeConcini and bass boss Mary Feaster, most recently Otherwise: Queer Scholarship into Song performed at Joe’s Pub in April 2016 (originally at DP, 2013). She is working on a musically-infused hybrid theatrical work based on a meeting of witch figures found in Grimms’ fairy tales. But she has never stopped blowing her Nose.

The fruitful summer of 1985 miraculously found young Gretchen Phillips joining the dyke bands, Two Nice Girls and Girls in the Nose.  She rode those little ponies as long as she could and then went solo.  Fortunately she has now remembered how to play well with others again. She now leads Disco Plague in Austin and has recorded several solo albums.

Joanna Labow is a feminist fatale, psychotherapist, music lover, vocalist, percussionist, who lives in Austin. First moment of musical bliss…playing triangle, nursery school, age 4. More bliss…summer camp singing in unison throughout day and night. Additional bands include The Oral Tradition, Slip of the Tongue, Mothra, Sheba and the Dustbunnies, and currently Gretchen’s Disco Plague (It’s Infectious).

MJ Torrance, based in Austin, has been rocking the Nose and writing and performing her own inspired music for decades. Her lead guitar riffs have caused well-behaved women to rip off their shirts in topless frenzies at GITN shows all over the country.

Mary Feaster, the local Staten Island based bass player, has been on the music scene in NYC for over 20 years. She’s the bass player everyone wants in their band and a lucky number have had the privilege of being grounded in Mary’s ingenious, rocking lines. She is currently in “Viva,” the super-rocking band fronted by guitarist and singer Viva DeConcini.

Darby Smotherman is the kaboom boom drummer of GITN since 1991. She is also a sound designer and audio engineer based in Boston, where she works at Boston Conservatory of Music. She has a wife, two children, three dogs, and a bearded dragon. She is a Pisces, born on Pi who loves pie.

Friday, June 10 at 7:30pm

General Admission
$15 in advance
$18 in at the door

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Estimated Runtime
75 minutes

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Lead singer
Kay Turner

Guitar & vocals
Gretchen Phillips

MJ Torrance

Darby Smotherman

Vocals & percussion
Joanna Labow

Mary Feaster

Photo Credit
Erica Nix