Leaves of Grass – Uncut Patrick Scully

About This Show

Leaves of Grass – Uncut, a solo performance by Patrick Scully, summons the spirit of Walt Whitman & reveals many sides of the 19th century poet, from furtive to fierce, reflecting his utopian dreams, & his tribulations. On stage, this world includes projections of eighteen men dancing together, ranging from tender & sensual to boisterous. Stripping down to bathe in the opening scene, they set the tone for the evening: relationships between men & the repressive forces that surround them. History, art, literature, even opera merge to reveal aspects of Whitman that fascinate today, now that male/male relations have moved out of the shadows into the light of day.

about the artist

Patrick Scully is a Minneapolis based choreographer/dancer & performance artist. He danced with Remy Charlip, including Remy’s Ten Men show in BAM’s Next Wave Festival in 1984. Patrick’s Queer Thinking show at DTW in 1992 was chosen by the NYTimes as one of the year’s performing highlights. His work with Ishmael Houston Jones & Keith Hennessy, Unsafe/Unsuited, was praised in the Village Voice review by Deborah Jowitt 3/21/1995 & is included in Dona Ann McAdams Caught in the Act. In addition to his performing work, Patrick was the founder and long time director of Patrick’s Cabaret in Minneapolis.

Tuesday, May 31 & Thursday, June 2 at 7:30pm

General Admission
$18 in advance
$22 at the door


Estimated Runtime
75 minutes

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Created & performed by
Patrick Scully

Videography & video editing
Nancy Mason Hauser

Projection artists
Oscar Loeser
Clemens Kowalski  

Technical Assistant
Jack Sloan    

Creative Consultant
Joe Chvala   

Djola Branner   

Morris Thomas

Jeremy Bensussan
Jacob Carrigan
Jon Dahl
David Deblieck
Michael Engel
Brian J Evans
Robert Haarman
Dustin Haug
Tristan Koepke
Jim Lieberthal
Roman Morris
Blake Nellis
Jesse Neumann Peterson
Yeniel (Chini) Perez
Ryan Pusch
Gadu Fukasawa Schmitz
Robert Skafte
Dennis Yelkin

Photo credit
Sara Rubinstein