in the lounge ( ) Keeps Them Apart K Caroline Moyer

About This Show

The writer set out to adapt a novel into a play. This show is her failure to do so. What began as an amorous inquiry into the modernist novel, Nightwood, became an obsession and year-long romance with the ghost of Djuna Barnes. The play came like a memoir of a young writers ramblings to the drunken shades as she wanders through the shape-bent streets of Greenwich Village. This work in progress staging is a scene living at the desk of one Nora Flood as she chases after the memory of her doll, Robin Vote.

about the artists

Caroline is a queer writer and artist currently living in Los Angeles. She’s a recent graduate from Eugene Lang College at The New School with a “self-designed” BA in the Feminist Voice. Though she’s read her poetry around NYC and was a featured reader at Bluestockings in October of 2016, this is her first staging of a dramatic work. She was a performer in Lisa Brenner’s show, The Term Quarry, here at Dixon and has been an intern for Ben William’s Mind on Heaven and Door 10’s This is the Color Described by the Time.

Karina Vahitova is a post-Soviet queer poet and movement artist from Kiev, Ukraine. She works at the intersection of art, science, and social justice.  She believes everything is political and has lost her mind once or twice because of this. After that she was a Lambda Literary 2017 Fellow in poetry. She writes lyrical theory about queerness and totalitarianism in the Soviet Union et. al. She co-founded and co-runs The Void Academy and lives between Los Angeles and New York.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 7:30pm

Free Admission

Estimated Runtime
40 minutes

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Writer, Sound Designer, Performer

K Caroline Moyer

Collaborator & Performer

Karina Vahitova

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This image is an illustration from the coloring book. “Butch Lesbians of the 20s, 30s and 40s”. The book was edited by Avery Cassell and the image was drawn by Jon Macy