In the lounge Fluidity Mimz The Magnificent

About This Show

Mimz will be performing an interactive set of songs released in 2017, including their latest Mixtape ‘Flowers’ and EP ‘Earthly Thoughts!’ Transcending genres, Mimz incorporates Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Jazz, Indie music, and slam poetry-turned-song, featuring performances by Kia Niambi and Akilah Ettiene. Mimz dedicates this performance to the LGBT and Black communities, who have contributed significantly to their development as a gender non-conforming artist.

about the artist

At seventeen years old Mimz’s dream is to transform the homophobia and mixed meanings in hip hop through an embodied practice that produces new meaning in music as a unifying force in the LGBT community. May 27th marks the release of their debut mixtape, ‘Flowers.’

Friday, July 7 at 7:30pm

Free Admission

Estimated Runtime
45 minutes

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Niambi & Akilah on two songs and MiLK and sound tech and executive producer