Fast Forward Curated by Sangeeta Yesley

About The show

Choreographers working in all dance forms workshop 25 – 35 min pieces on a shared bill curated around the theme ‘‘Oppression’’ with MElder Movement Art & Julia Bengtsson.

MElder Movement Art

Choreography by Mat Elder
Performing ‘Sessions in Subjugation

Sessions in Subjugation discusses the multiple ways in which an individual can be oppressed by a supposed dominate power or figure of authority. The dynamic between an entity in power and the subordinate other is explored through the lens of a psychosocial intake and one-on-one therapeutic session. It touches on the vulnerability experienced when one’s narrative is subjugated based on their lived experience, racial and/or ethnic background, and/or gender. Most importantly, it works to illustrate the many micro-aggressions individuals experience within parameters defined as “safe.” It questions the intent of the service provider and the consequent, dehumanizing effects experienced by the client.

Instagram: mrmat0913

Julia Bengtsson

Choreography by Julia Bengtsson
Performing ” Blank Space”

Blank Space focuses on the art and life of 20th century artist and Holocaust victim Charlotte Solomon. The piece illustrates the political climate during WWII at the same time that it draws parallels to our own time. Blank Space premiered June 24th, 2017, Higher Ground Festival 2017, New York City.


Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at 7:30pm

General Admission

$15 in advance

$18 at the door


$12 in advance

$15 at the door

Estimated Runtime
60 minutes

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Photo Credits

Jim Coleman (for MElder Movement Art), Derek Ratzenboeck (for Julia Bengtsson)

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