Dixon Place hosts EXISTENCE Drye/Marinaro Dance Company & Robert Redick Dance

About This Show

Drye/Marinaro Dance Company and Robert Redick Dance join forces to explore work that is inspired by why we exist. Marrying their artistic developments with an extraordinary diversified blend of dancers, DMDC and RRD bring power, passion, and vigor to the stage. Both unique and stylistically diverse dance companies come together to support the evolution of dance as an art, an expression, and a way of life. Striving not only to entertain, but also to intrigue audiences with thought provoking themes; using dance as medium to make connections to life and real human interactions.

Drye/Marinaro Dancers:

Emma Elliott, Brittney Bembry, Bridget Cantania, Julissa DeJesus, Marion Helfenstein, JJ Hsiung, Samantha Lun, Bryan Rodriguez, Grace Sanford

Robert Redick Dancers:

Jane Anthony, Rebekka Dizdar, Cheyenne Freeman, Eliah Furlong, Caroline Lloyd, Toviel Wayne

Sunday, May 7 at 3pm & 6pm

General Admission




Estimated Runtime
75 minutes

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Jamie Drye

Francesca Marinaro

Robert Redick