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About “Don’t Tread On Me”

In the series “Don’t Tread On Me” we are stopped, face planted to the road, or exposed face up. The road becomes the stage where the victim lay. Having been struck or run over there is the tension of waiting for it to happen again. Though I am using the slogan from the early days of the American Revolution, it is in reference to the fear of our being crushed by the tires of Trump administration. I’ve been looking at the German Expressionists Max Beckmann and George Grosz for influences, as well as Francis Bacon.

about the artist

Seth King is a painter and poet living in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and two sons. His work has most recently been published or is forthcoming in “The Adirondack Review,” “The Furious Gazelles,” “Yellow Chair Review,” “The Writing Disorder,” “Sierra Nevada Review” and “805 Lit + Art.” The most recent painting exhibitions include a group show at Galerie Caron Bedout in France and a Brooklyn Artist’s Space Salon, both in 2016.

  • Don't Tread On Me No.9, acrylic, oil, oil pastel on canvas, 39"x39"

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