IN THE LOUNGE 3SISTERS, Or: If We Could Only Get to Greenwich Village Mimi Barcomi

About This Show

3SISTERS, Or: If We Could Only Get to Greenwich Village is what would have happened if Anton Chekhov wrote his plays at a gay bar. A humorous theatrical mélange utilizing Chekhov’s play Three Sisters and original writing to explore the familial bonds created by queers, 3SISTERS is a short comedic piece about three sisters/queens: Olga, the 33 year old washed up old slut, Masha, a 23 year old wannabe slut trapped in a stifling marriage, and Irina, jailbait princess. Sexual secrets are uncovered and tempers spark as the sisters explore love, sex, and their yearning to return to Greenwich Village.

About the Artist

Mimi Barcomi is a director with a passion for unconventional approaches to traditional theater, and exploring gender, sexuality, and queer identities. Her artistic goal is to bring truths to life on stage that seek to reflect and change our current world. She received her BA in Theater from Eugene Lang College in 2015. Mimi is a co-founder of theater company Imperfect Speakers. Mimi will be directing The Topography Between (a New York radio love song) at The New York International Fringe Festival this August.

Adel Hernandez is a Chicano-queer performance artist based in New York City. He is an M.A candidate in Performance Studies at New York University and holds a B.A from Eugene Lang College at The New School University in Dance and Theater. Adel has performed and set works at Dixon Place Theater and Gibney Dance Center in New York City, New Mexico University for the American College Dance Festival, and also in his own home town in San Antonio, Texas, at Northwest Vista College. He has also led workshops and has been teaching dance in both Texas and NYC.

Zachary Miceli is a 23 year old queer playwright whose play worlds involve the dissonances and resonances that come from the relationship between intimacy and distance. His plays aspire to open up queer potentialities and enact complicated ethics of love. His latest major play The Topography Between will be performed at this year’s New York International Fringe Festival. He hopes to continue writing for the varied spheres of queer New York life.

Ian Palmer is an actor, playwright, and 2015 graduate from Eugene Lang College.

Thursday, July 21 at 7:30pm

Free Admission

Estimated Runtime
25 minutes

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Written by
Mimi Barcomi, Anton Chekhov & Zachary Miceli

Directed by
Mimi Barcomi

Adel Delgado, Zachary Miceli, and Ian Palmer

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