In the lounge 10 Days Till Neptune: A Configuring Timothy DuWhite

About This Show

In this monthly series Timothy DuWhite will be sharing scenes, jokes, poems, and topics in anticipation of his one-man show Neptune, projected to take stage next summer. 10 Days Till Neptune: A Configuring is a countdown to a show that could easily become your favorite fairytale & TimothyDuWhite your favorite mythical creature. Join us and find out just what all the fuss is about. Each night Timothy will be accompanied by a different special guest performer, who will also share some work and contribute to the vibe. Hope to see you there!

about the artist

Timothy DuWhite is the current Program Manager at New York Writers Coalition, a non-profit dedicated to providing writing workshops to under-served communities. Prior to his time at NYWC, Timothy worked as the Program Coordinator at Urban Word NYC, a champion in youth literacy, and as the Online Communications Specialist at Believe Out Loud, an online network invested in bridging the gap between the faith and LGBTQ communities. He received his BA in English/Creative Writing from Montclair State University, where he developed his love for spoken word poetry and performance. Timothy’s work has been featured at the United Nations/UNICEF, Apollo Theater, Nuyorican Poet’s cafe, The Rumpus, Bowery Poetry Club, La Mama Theater and many more. In 2015, Timothy developed a writing workshop entitled “HIV & the State: Coalition Building beyond the Condom,” in which he communally debunks popular narratives surrounding HIV as it relates to black people. Timothy’s political work and analysis has granted him appearances/keynote speeches at San Diego State University, Columbia University, Oregon State University, Columbia College Chicago, and many more. When he isn’t off trying to save the world, Tim can be found working on his next play, and listening to 90’s R&B.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 7:30pm

Free Admission

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January guest

Nyla Ninja Rose