In the lounge The Tragedy of the Election of the Citrus King Deb Victoroff

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“The Tragedy of the Election of the Citrus King” is a soliloquy written in the Elizabethan style, delivered by a contemplative Citizen who responds to the election of the Tyrant Donald Trump.  The election of a clownish monster as evil as a character from a Stephen King novel or from the world history of evil leaders comes as a surprise to the complacent populace, and the Citizen speaks for all who struggle to understand his rise to power and to find a direction forward.

about the artist

Author Deb Victoroff’s plays have appeared in theatres in NYC and around the country. She writes in all genres and styles including Elizabethan iambic pentameter but only after 4 cups of coffee.  She writes about soldiers and students and housewives, as well as psychopathic children and vengeful gardens, with titles like “Et Tu, Kelly”, “Letter From Baghdad”, and “A Little Problem”.  You just have to guess which ones are dramas and which ones are comedies. Her paranormal short story “House and Garden” is available as a Kindle download at and she hopes to turn it into a series.

Monday, August 7 at 7:30pm

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10 minutues

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Matt Biagini

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Deb Victoroff (Matt Biagini in the photo)