In the lounge Ten Cities: The Past is Present Wayne Johnston

About This Show

Ten Cities: The Past Is Present is an invitation for the past to engage in dialogue with the present. Wayne Johnston is visiting ten sites in each of ten cities that have had a formative impact on his life. The encounters are captured through writing that might be described as prose poetry, creative nonfiction or postcard stories.  The text is supplemented with a drawing in each site. The performance at Dixon Place will be the first of ten performances in each of the ten cities.

about the artist

Wayne Johnston has created solo performance art pieces in Toronto and London. His lifelong passion for painting was developed by studying with Paterson Ewen. His writing accomplishments include publication of an oral history on a tavern that had historic impact on Canada’s art community in the sixties. Making a living as a librarian has taken him to places such places as Geneva, Zagreb, Accra, Kathmandu, La Paz, Manhattan, Ottawa and Iqaluit.

Thursday, June 8 at 7:30pm

Free Admission

Estimated Runtime
38 minutes

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