In the lounge Shards Sierra Ortega

About This Show

Shards, a piece which evokes concepts of luxury, glamour, and memorial, deals with the systematic destruction, the loss of functionality, and the aftermath of despair that comes with living with a mood disorder. We explore concepts of rage, brain plasticity, and brokenness as a means to move past traditional conceptions of normative neurological functioning and build empathy between neurotypical and neurodiverse populations.  


About the Artist

Sierra Ortega is an emerging multidisciplinary performance artist and writer living and working with bipolar and anxiety. Based in Brooklyn, NY, she has recently graduated with an MA in performance studies from NYU and an MA in rhetorical studies from Hofstra University. Sierra has come to develop an artistic practice that is deeply personal, constantly chaotic, and furiously DIY. Her work is often one of reappropriation –creating new contexts from found objects and borrowed text. Her work has been featured in venues across Idaho, Utah, and New York City.

Monday, January 30 at 7:30pm

Free Admission

Estimated Runtime
20 minutes

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Featuring Sierra Ortega

Photo credit: Phil Dibona