In the lounge Rosemarie at the Cinema Jacqueline Lynch

About This Show

Rosemarie at the Cinema is an evening at the cinema for a meet up group at odds with French New Wave Cinema. As they watch a film, they participate “Rocky Horror” style for a joyful evening. On a more personal level it is a woman, ‘Rosemarie,’ pushing herself to reach out, connect and make new friends. Using elements associated with French New Wave we get a glimpse at ‘Rosemarie’ internally and externally as she tries to socialize.

about the artist

Jacqueline Lynch is an actress, writer and solo artist. She is currently creating solo characters who share the themes of isolation and humor. These ladies have been performed at venues around NYC including The Brick, Manhattan Repertory Theatre, Triskelion Arts, WAXworks, Spoke the Hub, and Secret Theater. One of these characters, Teddy, became a short video which played at the Extremely Shorts Festival in Houston. Jacqueline lives in NYC, was raised on Long Island and can’t imagine living without the ocean. For further information please visit

Saturday, April 29 at 7:30pm

Free Admission

Estimated Runtime
30 minutes

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Directed by

Simi Toledano

Written/Performed by

Jacqueline Lynch

Photo credit

Pat Packinger