In the Lounge Period Piece Curated by Christen Clifford for World Menstrual Hygiene Day

About This Show

Period Piece is an evening of reading & bleeding, performances & presentations of intergenerational work about menstruation, curated by Christen Clifford. There will be a slideshow of Menstruation in Art;  and No Wave Performance Task Force invites the audience to bring a sealed container of menstrual blood to use in their upcoming work The Menstrual Symphony (after Yves Klein.)

In celebration of World Menstrual:

Ellis Avery (“Hypnotically beautiful writing” – Marie Claire) celebrates her new Kindle Single “Goodbye, Ruby”

Amy Finkbeiner shows her relics

Carolina Frankko will read from Soy Emo, Hemmorrigia by Juliana Delgado Lopera

Portia Munson shows menstrual prints made in the 1980’s and shown in 1993

No Wave Performance Task Force will collect menstrual blood and show video of 1WantYour3lood: The Menstrual Symphony (after Yves Klein)

Slides of Mira Schor (CalArts Womanhouse 1972, Wet: on painting, feminism and art culture)

Feminist punk band Society of the Speculum will play

Video from Madame Gandhi-MIA drummer and freebleeder during the London Marathon (Kiran Gandhi)

Jess Whittam will present her bronze tampons

Hannah Kallenbach live bleeds

Plus flash fiction by Laurie Stone

Saturday, May 28 at 7:30pm

Free Admission

Estimated Runtime
60 minutes

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Ellis Avery
Amy Finkbeiner
Carolina Frankko
Portia Munson
No Wave Performance Task Force
Mira Schor
Society of the Speculum
Kiran Gandhi
Jess Whittam
Laurie Stone

Photo credit
Performers Ari Max, Baxton Alexander & artist Christen Clifford in her piece The Menstrual Symphony, part of a larger project called 1WantYour3lood: A Feminist Public Action in Three Parts (2014)

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