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Nina, a middle-aged Russian transvestite has arrived in New York to seek her fortune. Invited by her cousin Svetlana, Nina is eager to escape the dangers of living a gay life in Moscow and discover her true identity in America.  She arrives on Svetlana’s doorstep with dreams of freedom and transformation.  But first, she must find a job, and Macy’s is hiring.

about the artist

In September 2017, Phoebe workshopped her play BAM with the Ground and Field New Works Festival at UC Davis.  Nina was seen in the Fringe Festival in Columbus, Ohio in July 2017 and at Luna Stage in May 2017.  Her play Jump It was seen in The International Fringe Festival in NYC in August 2016 (“Best Bet”).  Tree Houses, a commission from Luna Stage was performed in September 2016.  Phoebe was a 2016 fellow with the Emerging Women Playwrights program of The Writers Theatre of New Jersey. Her plays have been published in Applause Theatre & Cinema Books.

Saturday, February 17, 2018 at 7:30pm

Free Admission

Estimated Runtime
12 minutes

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