Maps For a War Tourist Sister Sylvester

About This Show

Sister Sylvester return to Dixon Place with Maps For A War Tourist, an investigative performance piece which uses original research to consider the layered realities of geography in Turkey, a country where roads, but not realities, are shared by revolutionaries, tourists, Daesh, journalists and fixers, and itinerant actresses.

About the Artist

Sister Sylvester is a theater company making work in and between Istanbul and New York. We use documentary techniques and original research into untold stories, using forms specific to live performance to create original work.  We invite disruption into both the performance and the process, and look for dissonance and difficulty in text, image and sound. Sister Sylvester is the name of a ghost who haunted the company’s first home/studio/performance venue and it became the company name for its gender-bending, feminist and spectral associations.

Maps for a War Tourist was supported by a Watershed Laboratory residency at Mount Tremper Arts.

Fridays and Saturdays, June 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17 at 7:30pm

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