Joe Ranono’s Yuletide Log and Other Fruitcakes Joe Ranono and The Karen Davis Family Band

About This Show

“Joe Ranono’s Yuletide Log and Other Fruitcakes is an adult-friendly Christmas special featuring a wide array of Brooklyn-based performing artists – poet laureate (of Bushwick) May Lion, Bathsalts favorite Kimberly Clark and borough-renowned comic Karen Davis. Watch these delights wax poetic on the mysteries of laughter and sobriety. In technicolor! But wait – there’s more. Your ticket makes you a live studio audience member. This show’s being shot for posterity so get ready to donate some affective labor to a cause!

The Karen Davis Family Band is Joe Ranono, Karen Davis, Lindsay Davis, Jay Eisenberg, Erin Mullin, Sal Ranono, Helen Piscitelli and Allison Karman

Featuring special guests May Lion, Kimberly Clark and Katherine Brook

Costumes by Enver Chakartash

Make-up by Naomi Raddatz

Video by Mikey D!, Niknaz Tavakolian and Andre Callot featuring Viv Nilsson Nutt, Karen Davis, Jay Eisenberg and Tabitha Vidaurri with original music by Chris Giarmo

Produced by Jess Barbagallo, Andy Callot and Associates, Uninc.


About the Artists

Joe Ranono has performed at Barbes, the Poetry Project Marathon at St. Mark’s Church and The Bushwick Starr (on a dark day). His greatest public credit: accidentally hosting the Prelude Afterparty in 2012 at The Gershwin Hotel. (He read a series of now infamous love odes to audacious downtown theatre critic Helen Shaw.) Karen Davis, a far more seasoned performer, has roughed up stages all over all over, including Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Pete’s Candy Store, our very own Dixon Place and the TBA Festival in Portland, Oregon!


Friday, November 21, 10:00pm

$12 in advance
$15 at the door
$10 students / seniors


Estimated Runtime
45 minutes

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photo credit:
Niknaz Tavakolian