About This Show

#INSTAQUEER! An examination of obsession, anxiety, queerness, and the hoops we are willing to jump through as we seek connection online in a homophobic, transphobic world. And glitter. If you’ve ever wondered whether you want to be that person on Instagram or date them, if you’ve ever had a panic attack while frantically swiping for immediate validation, if you’re still looking for that perfect profile pic or a pair of sunglasses that make your nose look smaller, join us in the world of #INSTAQUEER. Face these fears with us in our terrifying, obedient, ritualistic masquerade. 😉 Smoothies will be served.

about the artists

Patrick Quinn is a queer choreographer, director, dancer, product manager, and political activist, with a Computer Science degree from Harvard University. Over the past ten years, he has created more than thirty dance works, shown at venues like Dixon Place, The WOW Café Theatre (NYC), The Actors Fund Arts Center (NYC), The Mark Morris Dance Center (NYC), Carmel Valley Ranch (Carmel, CA) and The Loeb Mainstage (Cambridge, MA). His experimental dance theater company, PQDANCE, operates with the mission of challenging audiences to critically examine the ways in which our “digital lives” have become inseparable from our “real” lives.

Kyan Oliver Furlong is an art dad, transgender temper tantrum, dramaturg, and media artist whose interests include intimacy in the “post-AIDS” neoliberal era, identity crises, and (re)appropriating queer theory to excavate personal histories. Kyan is a graduate of Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies, where they received a B.A. in Ephemera and Queer Epistemologies, as well as minors in education & social justice and film studies.

Eddie Emma works in social services and is very excited that you all have come to share a magical experience that may definitely involve kale. Eddie’s stage experience includes three years of community theater, a bachelor’s degree, and 2 minutes of burlesque, not in that order. Eddie is so thrilled and grateful to be involved with this project, and to work with some beautiful people they have had the privilege of seeing blossom as artists.

Saturday, July 29 at 7:30pm

General Admission

$15 in advance

$18 at the door



Estimated Runtime
65 minutes

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Written, Directed & Choreographed by

Patrick Quinn, with assistance from Kyan Furlong


Julia Havard


Eddie Emma

Dustin Gross

Zoe Guastella

Kayleigh Hough

Ethan James Jacques

Matthew LaCoste

Patrick Quinn

Photo credit:

Stephen Delas Heras