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About This Show

Festival Producer Tom Block began the Human Rights Painting Project in 2002 to raise awareness of human rights issues from around the world, as well as support the work of Amnesty International. Since that time, works from the project have been exhibited more than 50 times around the world.

The paintings highlight the struggle for human rights the world over – and the important work individuals from all backgrounds, ethnic groups, religions and genders have in working toward this goal. Using a contemporary artistic voice, Mr. Block interprets different aspects of the struggle for human rights, emphasizing the stories that bring it to life. Biographies of each person featured accompany the paintings.

Ultimately, the paintings bring together man’s best and worst impulses — the heroes of the images are a counterpoint to the regimes and authorities that forced them into that role. We are left with the uncomfortable question of which group is more typical of our human race – and which the exception.

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February 8-March 27, 2017

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Tom Block