IN THE LOUNGE How Do You Throw a Party? Ski Legend

About This Show

A monthly improv show featuring local team Ski Legend and a revolving guest. It’s funny, it’s refreshing, it’s a good time – and the bar serves Narragansett for $3.

About the Artists

Ski Legend is Zech Azazi, Evan Burke, Mary Jo Cameltoe, Sheena DiMatteo, Sarah Doneghy, David Neuschatz, Rachel Rauch, Kayleigh Reichman and Sarah Schultz. They all met one winter’s day while attempting separate solo cross-country expeditions in Jackson, NH and have been improvising together ever since. They are competing in all events in the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Ski Legend includes 5 females, 5 glasses wearers, and 5 of them have blue eyes. The odds are against them.

Monday, February 6 at 8pm

Free Admission

Estimated Runtime
50 minutes

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