boi do(et) + Entre Deux/Last one for the road Anthony Alterio & Michael Parmelee + Alexandra Pinel

About This Show

boi do(et) is a queer performance that showcases the journeys and experiences of two gay men through contemporary dance and pop culture. Through clashing of scenery, props, and recognizable gestures a story emerges and shines light on new territories for queer men in dance. A balance is achieved when the nostalgia of the living room sofa, light bulbs, and a sandbox turtle are queered, manipulated, and revamped. boi do(et) pleases the watcher with its set design, choreography, and positive use of gay bodies and will inspire within you an urge to find a do(et) of your own.

Entre Deux/Last one for the road is a talk show about modern love, performed whiteness and motivational speakers/preachers. With Alexandra, the choreographer, as MC, this ego trip turns to the audience for approval and advice in a karaoke and dance filled fantasy of the heart.

about the artists (boi do(et))

Anthony Alterio is a choreographer and queer performance artist. Currently on faculty at the University of Kentucky, he explores representations of effeminate gay men in pop culture as part of a larger interest in how dancers present themselves. Anthony works toward creating dance that goes beyond queer identity and heteronormativity.

Michael Parmelee is an avid performer, improviser, and dance maker who aims to cultivate performance as a passionate space for the exploration of identity. Pleasure, sexuality, and desire are paramount to his performance and choreographic practices. Michael holds an MFA from the University of Michigan and works in New York City.

about the artist (Entre Deux/Last one for the road)

Alexandra Pinel is a choreographer from Paris, France and has showcased work at Dixon Place, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, at the House of Scandinavia and on NPR Classical Music’s blog among others. She has choreographed for bands such as Chinese punk band Re-TROS, Fade On, and Prince Rama and danced for luciana achugar, Stacy Grossfield, Joya Powell and Kim Brandt among others. Alexandra has worked for Half Straddle, Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company, New York Public Radio and choreographer luciana achugar. She was a Luther Rice Research Fellow and is a Maida Withers Dance Construction Company Award Recipient for innovation in Dance.

Thursday, July 6 at 7:30pm

General Admission

$15 in advance

$18 at the door



Estimated Runtime
55 minutes

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boi do(et) – Choreographed by

Anthony Alterio, Michael Parmelee

boi do(et) – Performed by

Anthony Alterio, Allison Blakeney, Michael Parmelee, Paty Solorzano

Entre Deux/Last one for the road – Featuring

Lindsey Weaving, Sophie Bromberg, Liz Charky

Photo credit:

Kirk Donaldson (for boi do(et)), Lippe (for Grit)