In the lounge Gershwin Live: Man & Wife Featuring Emma Goldman-Sherman

About This Show

Marriage and Childrearing become Impossible Constructs for Man & Wife when it becomes clear that they are on different sides of the Partisan Patriarchal Divide. As time leaps forward, beyond Dreamscape, Projections, and Politics, their children become non-binary and indistinguishable, and their Intimate Connections (mostly built through the mutual accumulation of stuff) begin to dissolve. Wife, against all manner of Feminist Assault, attempts one final sally toward Connecting with Man.  

An Absurdist Comedy for 2

Gershwin Live is an evolving 21st century salon, artists with fearless & distinctive voices are given free rein to present theater, dance, film, cabaret, ghost stories, music & uncategorizable hybrids. Curated by Michael Wiener & Neke Carson.

about the artist

Emma Goldman-Sherman‘s work includes Wombshot, Perfect Women (Jane Chambers award), and others developed/produced at The New Ohio, Culture Project, Women’s Project, E.S.T.’s LA Project, Manhattan Theatre Source, Clemente Soto Velez,  Counting in Sha’ab was part of the ReOrient Festival produced by Golden Thread.  Cutting Ball named Emma a Risky Playwright for Why Birds Fly and Abraham’s Daughters recently seen in NYC at the Lady Liberty Festival at Urban Stages and at Intersections International.  A member of the DGA and LPTW, Emma is the Resident Dramaturg at the 29th Street Playwrights Collective and teaches for New York Writers Workshop at St Marks.

Wednesday, April 12 at 7:30pm

A $10 Suggested Donation (cash at door) supports the artists.

Estimated Runtime
45 minutes

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Kim Gambino

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Michael Wiener & Elizabeth Hodur

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