In the lounge Gershwin Live: Major Magics Natalie Mack, Gavin Price and John Gasper

About This Show

There’s a place in the back of your mind where dreams coalesce and memories linger, only to rise up later in moments of ecstasy and imagination. Think of the instant right before a kiss, or when you’ve just leapt off a diving board to splash into watery bliss. Major Magics is the music for these moments and the air surrounding them. Their effervescent blend of folk melodies and psychedelic synths crest on a wave of surf guitar and analog beats, carrying you forward to a place you swear you recognize but you’ve never been before.

Featuring Natalie Mack – Vocals, Uke; Gavin Price – Vocals, Guitar; John Gasper – Vocals, Synthesizers

Gershwin Live is an evolving 21st century salon, artists with fearless & distinctive voices are given free rein to present theater, dance, film, cabaret, ghost stories, music & uncategorizable hybrids. Curated by Michael Wiener & Neke Carson.

About the Artist

Major Magics was born in the hills of Berkshire, MA, at the wedding of Hodur and Wiener, featuring a guitar, ukulele and Casio MT-40. They have played shows at Happy Lucky No. 1, The Rock Shop, Arlene’s Grocery, bedrooms and backyards aplenty. Gavin, John, and Natalie are members of St. Fortune Theater Collective. Gavin is a member of ERS, and a rogue performer/sound designer. Natalie performs with Trusty Sidekick and teaches drama/humanities at the Institute for Collaborative Education. John performs with Advanced Beginner Group, Trusty Sidekick, and others, and is in pursuit of MFA at PIMA, Brooklyn College.

Friday, January 6 at 7:30pm

A $10 Suggested Donation (cash at door) supports the artists.

Estimated Runtime
30 minutes

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Featuring┬áNatalie Mack – Vocals, Uke; Gavin Price – Vocals, Guitar; John Gasper – Vocals, Synthesizers

Photo credit: Emily Pacilio.