In the lounge For the Living Benefit shows for F2L!

About This Show

“Gender self-determination is queer liberation is prison abolition.” ~Critical Resistance

“Fight like hell for the living.” ~Sylvia Rivera

The United States incarcerates more of its population than any other country on earth—this cycle of incarceration specifically affects Black people, Indigenous people, and communities of color. Within those communities we see disproportionate rates of incarceration for LGBTQGNCTSI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, gender non-conforming, two-spirit, intersex) people, people living with HIV/AIDS, and people with disabilities.

Over two nights at Dixon Place, artists building for abolition and gender self-determination come together to raise funds for F2L and fight For the Living!

about the artists

F2L works to support queer and trans people of color in New York State whose lives are impacted by the prison-industrial complex. F2L is a volunteer-run project primarily made up of queer and trans people of color in NYC that provides jail, court, media and housing aid to individuals targeted by the prison system, as well as to the communities who are supporting their cases. F2L’s goal is to directly support impacted individuals while envisioning an end to police and prison violence through fundraising, advocacy and organizing.

Heather Lynn Johnson is a writer, photographer, performance artist and poet, living in New York. Her work is characterized by its lyricism and cultural critique. Through the use of imagery and the written word, Johnson explores being other-ed in a consumerist society by mining the history of gender, sexuality, and the racialized body. Her formal approach to the narrative, whether visual or poetic, is distinguished by her willingness to lay bare her own existence. Johnson received an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and her BA from Columbia College Chicago both in Photography. She is currently the 2017 literary fellow for the Queer|Art|Mentorship program.

Brittany Williams – overdefined, a ride or die freedom fighter, and artmaker, creates work that is the part reality, part fugitive. Brittany’s work biomythically explores her ancestral lineage and memory of growing ho in the swamps land of Florida. During this process, she examines ways in which her people and community have retained traces of maroonage by any means necessary. Brittany has traveled internationally to the Caribbean, South America, and Europe as a performer, choreographer, and activist.

Friday, July 21 at 10pm
Friday, July 28 at 7:30pm

$5-20 sliding scale donations (cash or card at door) go directly to support queer and trans people of color impacted by the prison-industrial complex in NY state – no one turned away!

Estimated Runtime
45 minutues

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Brittany Williams (Dancing While Black, #CloseRikers), Heather Lynne Johnson (Survival Guide for Queer Black Youth) & the organizers of the F2L network