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Long ago, there was an island where all the finches died except the lucky ones with the right beaks. Today, a young girl takes a drink of seawater and eats a bottle cap with her sharp teeth. In the future, the oceans will fill with plastic, humanity will choke on its own waste, and she will be the only one left standing on the garbage shore. Finch is a science fiction story with a live-composed soundscape, which chronicles the life of one woman as she adapts to a ruined planet.

about the artist

Dan Rider is a writer, sound designer, musician and performer. He wrote and performed live sound effects for Thud!, which was one of Variety’s “11 Shows to See at NYCFringe.” Recent sound design credits include Sisters on the Ground (PHTS) and Steel Magnolias (Curtain Call Theatre). Dan was the associate music director for Hadestown (NYTW) and has narrated and produced five audiobooks for Audible. He is the writer and producer of A World Where, a sci-fi anthology podcast which will be released this Fall.

Friday, August 4 at 7:30pm

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35 minutes

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