In the lounge evening of Jazz & Bossa Nova Vita Kay & Steve Lacey

About This Show

An evening of mesmerizing and sensual traditional Jazz music with Kazakhstan-born Vita Kay & Massachusetts-born Steve Lacey

about the artists

Vita Kay studied classical piano as a child in a Soviet republic of Kazakhstan & later sang in a variety of choirs, from classical to gospel, in Russia & UK. She divides her time between NYC, London & Greek island of Corfu performing jazz & bossa nova as well as leading kirtan – traditional Indian call-and-response devotional singing. She is also a professional therapeutic bodywork & yoga practitioner.

Steve Lacey grew up in Gloucester, MA. In 2012, Steve graduated from Salem State University with a B.A. in music, having studied Jazz and Classical guitar..since then, he has been performing solo and with groups such as the Kate Barry band and the Cape ann Big Band. In 2014, Steve helped create Gloucester’s music education program, Sound Harbor..Steve is now living in NYC, pursuing his career as a jazz guitarist and teacher.

Vita Kay- Mañha de Carnival

Friday, February 17 at 7:30pm

Free Admission

Estimated Runtime
45 minutes

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