Elegy for a Midshipman Perfect Disgrace Theater

About This Show

“This is the work you have to do. Ursula’s asshole. Under the sea. Butch woman. Head under. Sea weed makes you look more lady like. Choke. On this. Piece of tuna.”

A reappropriation of Genet/Fassbinder’s Querelle, Disney’s The Little Mermaid, and the Andrea Yates murder trial (found guilty of drowning her five children.) Elegy for a Midshipman is an exploration of repression and alienation within the nuclear family as well as a psychedelic riff on the sea. In this presentation, a reading of the text (by a formidable ensemble of downtown performers, including Everett Quinton as Ursula the sea witch) is given aural and visual context through elements of movement, multimedia, and installation.


About the Artists

The mission of Perfect Disgrace Theater is to investigate identity and challenge dominant power structures in order to create alternative possibilities, uncover hypocrisy and encourage change through theater and community. Previous productions include A CRUCIBLE (Wild Project), ATTABOY (Wild Project & HERE), and PORRIDGE (Boulder Fringe Festival).

Friday, November 7, 10:00pm

$12 in advance
$15 at the door
$10 students/seniors

Estimated Runtime
75 minutes

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written by
Brian Bauman

directed by
Philip Gates

performed by
Jess Barbagallo
David Commander
Heather Litteer
Mariana Newhard
Joe Petersen
Everett Quinton
Chris Tyler

video by
Ethan Weinstock

lighting by
John Eckert

movement by
Alex Rodabaugh

photo credit:
Christo Allegra