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After a series of unfortunate events, the world has been thrown into chaos. What was once the United States is now The People’s Kingdom for the Coming of Christ. Ruth, Anna and Caleb, illicitly queer 20-somethings work in a video tape recycling center—erasing sins from another time for the Wall’s surveillance cameras. One morning Anna is unexpectedly replaced by Esther, arousing fear, suspicion and heartbreak.

about the artists

Lizzie Donahue has created narrative work for theatre, film and virtual reality. She was born and raised in NYC which is probably why most of her stories are about stressful situations that test a person’s humanity. Occasionally a roof caves in but usually nobody dies.

Doug Goldring is an actor and writer from New York. He loves mangos.

Linda Manning is a award winning screenwriter, playwright, and actor. Most recently she performed in a new play, “The Tongue That Tells Me So”, at Cleveland Public Theatre. Her short film, “Ghost Ride”, that she co-wrote and starred in premiered at the 2017 Manhattan Film Festival and at the 2016 New York Short Film Festival. Her plays “There is No You and Me” and “Bite the Apple” are both currently in development.

Erin Nelson is an actress of the stage and screen based in New York. She has studied at the Esper Studio and Wynn Handman Studio. Erin also works as a freelance film producer with several award-winning projects. Her favorite thing is taking naps. Follow her at

John Landewe is a conceptual artist who is quite good at making things. He is currently at work on a project that will be beautiful and help relocate coastal folks from the rising sea levels.

Thursday, December 14, 2017 at 7:30pm

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$15 in advance

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Estimated Runtime
55 minutes

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