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About This Show

The Death Penalty Photography Documentary Project is a multi-decade product of exploring capital punishment through the photographer’s lens. The project highlights Scott Langley’s efforts as an independent photojournalist and as a human rights activist – bringing together the unique combination of art, journalism and education into one powerful project.  The full presentation depicts an hour-by-hour walk-through of what happens on an execution night, taking the viewer from the prison deathwatch cell into the actual lethal injection chamber, while outlining the social implications and concerns around the use of executions.

Scott Langley is an independent, free-lance photojournalist based in Upstate New York and also a death penalty abolition organizer with several organizations, including Amnesty International.  A sociologist by study and a photographer by training, his documentary work has been widespread throughout the world in recent years – particularly his work on the U.S. death penalty and the prison at Guantanamo.  Scott currently travels within and outside the U.S. to speak about capital punishment, his work against executions, his work with death row families, and about his photography documentary project.

February 28-March 27, 2017

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