In the Lounge The Decline of the Heterosexual Regime Andrea Liu

About This Show

The Decline of the Heterosexual Regime is a Sci-Fi futurist fantasy of a world in which the Heterosexual Regime has been eliminated. Part alternative pedagogy, part counter-hegemonic re-education camp, part manifesto, “The Decline of the Heterosexual Regime” is a performative re-enactment of an archive from the Heterosexual Genocide.

About the Artist

Andrea Liu is a visual art & performance critic, dancer/performing artist, and queer activist. She has performed/danced at St. Marks Church, Chez Bushwick, Movement Research Festival, Movement Research Studies Project, Bruce High Quality Foundation University (Laughter as Medium), Queens Museum of Art, West Coast Contact Improvisation Festival, Homesession Barcelona, Month of Performance Art Berlin, and Contemporary Art Centre Vilnius.

Timeline of the Heterosexual Genocide

The Heterosexual Genocide

Year 2093: Queer Guerilla Action Front (QGAF) gains power, eliminating opposition groups, carrying a majority in the parliament

Year 2099:   Just as in Argentina in the 1970’s children of the ruling class dropped out to join the Marxist Revolution, members of the Heterosexual Regime drop out of the heterosexual class, De-Heterosexualize themselves, to join the Queer Guerilla Action Front.

Year 3006:   QGAF take over the means of production of society (railroad system, industry, manufacturing, shipping, military, media, communications).

Year 3020-3044: The Heterosexual Genocide: After the 24 years war, 9 million heterosexuals are exterminated. The rest are put in concentration camps, imprisoned, branded with a hot coal iron, and forced to live in labor camps. Here they undergo Heterosexual Re-Education Camp for 7 hours a day where they are taught that it is a moral failure and moral embarrassment to be heterosexual.

Year 3044-3089: The United Federation of Queer States (UFQS) or Orsay is formed. A supra-national state based on the principle of the Eunuch-as-Ideal-Human. For instance, in Imperial China, in a corrupt web of treachery and power struggles, eunuchs were the only ones who could be trusted because they had no loyalties to the military, aristocracy, or family. Uncontaminated by the Heterosexual Regime, eunuchs had an ethereal otherwordly aura, valued for their high voice (as singers), kept in a childlike state of un-tethered “unbelonging” to the irrevocably corrupt roles of adulthood.

Year 3090: Commemorating the Heterosexual: after over a century of being marginalized in society and living on reservations, the Association for Heterosexual Rights begins to clamor for a Heterosexual Museum, a Museum dedicated to the commemoration of a bygone era of heterosexual dominance over the world. Heterosexuality is now an obsolete and outdated belief system.

FOR THE FULL STORY OF THE Heterosexual Genocide, see the Heterosexual Genocide Project website at:

Heterosexual Genocide project artist talk at the Naxal Belt in Bushwick, Sunday, July 26, 5PM.



“To learn more about the Heterosexual Genocide, see the detailed historical timeline at:

Friday, Jul. 24 at 7:30pm

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Andrea Liu