In the lounge Associative Behavior in the Fifth Species Joanie Fritz Zosike

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Joanie Fritz Zosike’s Associative Behavior in the Fifth Species combines music, pith, silliness and sedition in a lightning revue that examines immigration, bias and exclusion with a sacred clown’s eye. The clown is Peter Dizozza, author of Associative Behavior, a short play with music featuring Joanie, Peter, Robert Hieger and Maira Vergara. The evening also includes Colloquy of the Fifth Species, a short dialogue between Joanie and special guest, Robbie McCauley; and Peter, Joanie and Robbie performing songs about immigration, exclusion and love. A rich association of artists at play. You are welcome!

about the artist

Joanie Fritz Zosike, veteran actor, The Living Theatre; director, DADAnewyorkDADAnynyDADA; co-founder, Action Racket Theatre, appeared in Ashley Marinaccio’s Decadent Acts;  Grayce Productions’s A Christmas Carol, with Austin Pendleton; Zoe Beloff’s mixed-media presentation of Brecht’s Paris Commune with Greg Mehrten; and understudied Judith Malina in Maudie and Jane. Joanie received a fellowship from Edward Albee’s The Barn and a Foundation for Jewish Culture grant. She’s performed at every Dixon Place venue from its humble beginnings on East 1st Street, recently directing a staged reading of her play, RelationShifts in this very room. She performed four solo works in NY and abroad, and is published in anthologies including Bastille, Dissident Voice, Levure Literraire, Maintenant, PIM, and Silver Birch. Her debut poetry collection, An Alphabet of Love, will be published this summer.

Tuesday, August 29 at 7:30pm

Free Admission

Estimated Runtime
50 minutes

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Joanie Fritz Zosike, with special guests Peter Dizozza, Robert Hieger, Robbie McCauley and Maira Vergara

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Sam Moree

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