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About This Show

A sort of modern epistolary, this multi-generational tale is told in layers: Rott Mellevold goes on a conspiracy theory podcast to refute rumors that his wealthy family are secretly psychic healers; Rott’s not-biological-nor-legal father, Asher Rhys, leaves voicemails for his friend over a period of 20 years; Margot and Ranger Mellevold have intimate conversations with their son Lukas (both before and after his death). But primarily it is the story of Asher, who marries Lukas Mellevold at 18, is a widower by 28, and spends his thirties trying to hold on to his son Rott. A fable of parenthood, sacrifice, forgiveness.

about the artists

Adin Lenahan (Playwright, Performer, Producer) is a writer, performer, and receptionist. RECENT CREDITS: True Right (Ice Fctory, Ars Nova) Clover (LaMaMa) Pilgrim Notes (solo show, Paradise Factory) MARYSHELLEYSHOW (Chicago Fringe) Lark/Song (Red Cloud Opera House, NE). New York University (BFA Drama). They are on the board of Undiscovered Countries, a Brooklyn-based incubator of new and developing work, and pursing their MFA in Playwriting at Hunter College.

Caroline Kittredge Faustine (Director) is a director and musician. She is a founding member of Undiscovered Countries, and directed earlier versions of MARYSHELLEYSHOW, Asher Rhys, and Adin’s previous solo work Pilgrim Notes. She is now working with comedian and songwriter Tessa Skara for her Rock Goddess performance. Caroline plays with Cameron Toy in the band Gandor Chorale, currently at work on their fourth studio album. She is also working with Cameron on the upcoming radioplay Polenta: A Space Opera, written by Kaela Garvin.

Cameron Toy (Sound Design) is a musician, writer and performer who began producing their own music as a lil dingdong in the woods. Their recent works include the independently released album No Good Art In Paradise, as well as the second LP with their dope band Gandor Chorale, which serves as the soundtrack for the dope forthcoming graphic novel Half Lives written by Barbara Begley.

Monday, January 29, 2018 at 7:30pm

Free Admission

Estimated Runtime
30 minutes

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Written and Performed by

Adin Lenahan

Directed by

Caroline Kittredge-Faustine

Sound Design by

Cameron Toy

Photo credit:

Elizabeth Rogers