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The Rest Of It

Flowers in Space Shayna Strype
Lake Simons & Matt Acheson
Chris Green
Patti Bradshaw

About Antrak

When internal navigation fails, a lost ant resorts to traveling cross-country by “Antrak” train. This Studs-Terkel-Wannabe journeys into the unknown buoyed by the grandeur of American landscapes, the fleeting intimacy of conversations with strangers, and a deep desire to understand what is going on beyond the colony. Shayna Strype constructs this story through manipulated cardboard objects, puppetry, live feed projection, and footage from interviews conducted with Amtrak passengers across the US.

Featuring/Collaborators Miranda Nichols, Jordan Parker & Chris Willson

Shayna Strype is a theater-maker based in Brooklyn. She is currently developing a new piece through the Object Movement puppetry residency. Her original puppetry piece, Homegrown, was performed at the Bushwick Starr’s Puppets and Poets Festival in 2014 and 2015. Most recently, she has worked with David Neumann (Tough, The Tough: Redux), Trusty Sidekick Theater Company (We Are All Tourists) and The Civilians (The End and The Beginning, The Way They Live). Shayna received her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College. She currently teaches theater at Friends Seminary, where she received a Third Century Grant to make this show possible.

about hero's house

Using fragile materials, our hero begins to construct and reconstruct shelter as she attempts to find security. Odds are against our hero, but don’t tell her that.

Created by Lake Simons & Matt Acheson
Music by John Dyer

Lake Simons is a theatre artist based in New York City with strong ties to Fort Worth, Texas. She is a director, designer, choreographer, puppeteer, builder, painter, and performer.  Lake has collaborated with many distinguished artists creating theatre productions from the ground up. She makes theatre that utilizes puppetry, movement, and live music. But most importantly she relies on make-believe.Her creations have been performed in New York City, Fort Worth, Boston, Chicago, and Edinburgh, Scotland. Lake has received multiple Jim Henson Foundation Grants in support of her original work. She has participated in various artist residency programs including: Here Artist Residency Program (HARP), The Freight, Mabou Mines Resident Artist Program (SUITE), and the Puppet Lab at St Ann’s. Lake is a 2018 artist-in-residence with Dixon Place.

about The Rest Of It

Experimental puppet choreography devised over the course of an afternoon with puppeteers Chris Green, Pepper Fajans, and Rowan Magee and captured in a video with original music by C. Green.

Created and composed by Chris Green
Performed with puppeteers Pepper Fajans & Rowan Magee

Chris Green is a Brooklyn-based designer, performer, and director.  His theatrical and installation works have been presented over the past 20 years in venues including Lincoln Center, NY City Center, National Geographic Museum, La Jolla Playhouse, Teatro del Lago (Chile), and BAM Harvey among others. Recent project: ‘Hagoromo’ featuring NYC ballet legends Wendy Whelan and Jock Soto with choreography by David Neumann.  Current:  New material-based music project ‘American Weather’ to premiere at HERE, NYC in 2018.

Rowan Magee is a puppeteer, director and educator from Troy, NY. He has performed for Phantom Limb Company, Dan Hurlin, David Neumann, Chris Green, Robin Frohardt, and Spencer Lott. Rowan is a co-curator for the Object Movement Festival at the West Park Presbyterian Church.

Pepper Fajans is the Founding Director of Brooklyn Studios for Dance (BkSD) and the Brooklyn Touring Outfit.  The premiere work of the Touring Outft, Co. Venture received a choreography award at the Montreal Fringe and was presented by Baryshnikov Arts Center in 2016. He has been featured in The New York Times, The Montreal Gazette, and Culturebot.

about Flowers in Space

Sandwiched between two World Wars, Florine and her sisters, Carrie (dollhouse maker) and Ettie (writer), managed a privileged, artistic life defined by cultural salons for eccentric characters while the lives of many were filled with suffering. Focusing specifically on Florine, the shy and sophisticated personality who loved Nijinsky and Marcel Duchamp and worked with Gertrude Stein, her paintings serve as snapshots of their time couched in highly editorial artifice. This performance brings to life the contrast between these simultaneously existing worlds in a live dreamlike painting with truthful and metaphorical commentary by parrot and blooming flower puppets.

Video projections by Cory Antiel

Patti Bradshaw was artist-in-residence at Brooklyn Studios for Dance where she premiered K and the Way. She has shown work at New Dance Alliance, Roulette, Harkness Dance Festival, was a member of St. Ann’s Puppet Lab, and is a recipient of a Project Grant from the Jim Henson Foundation.

Made possible in part with funds from the Jim Henson Foundation.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 7:30pm

General Admission

$15 in advance

$18 at the door



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Estimated Runtime
60 minutes

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Photo credits

Shayna Strype (for Antrak)