In the lounge 8th Annual Womens Retreat Magdalen Zinky

About This Show

Pam, Barb, Olga, and Kakie are taking a break from the dingy hell of the Blueberry Bar, their mutual home away from home. They’re taking a break from men, from the irritations of daily life, from the pressures of the cutthroat regional darts league. They’re taking a break from bartenders with funny ears and family members with too many needs. They’re taking in the beauty of Tahquamenon Falls State Park and Paradise, Michigan. As far as they get from all of it, though, they can’t escape the ties that bind: pain, poverty, and party.

about the artist

Magdalen Zinky is a writer and theatre artist based in New York City. She holds an MFA in Theatre from Sarah Lawrence College and a BA in Acting from the College of Santa Fe. Recent productions: The Bacchus Effect, Daughters of Elysium; In Repayment, The Junkyard; 8thAnnual Womens Retreat, Electric Eye Ensemble’s Winter 2016 showcase. She is a founding member of The Junkyard and a company member of Daughters of Elysium.

Friday, June 9 at 7:30pm

Free Admission

Estimated Runtime
40 minutes

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Directed by

Gabrielle Schutz

Written and performed by

Magdalen Zinky