30-30-30 Curated by Sangeeta Yesley

End of Year Dance Benefit

Join Dixon Place for a very special celebratory finale on Friday, December 30th, featuring 30 dance companies showcasing 3 minutes of work each, saluting the close of the 30th Anniversary Year for NYC’s pre-eminent artistic incubator.

BEings Dance choreographer Emily Bufferd
JDY Dance choreographer Jennifer Yackel
CoreDance Contemporary choreographer Rebecca McCormac
Choreographer – Juliana Garber 
SUNPROJECT choreographer Sun ae Hwang
Take It Away Dance choreographer Pamela Hetherington
5th Digit Dance choreographer Cassandra Cotta 
NYC Dance Arts Professional Dance Company choreographer Roshelle Wilder
Earth Vibration Dancers choreographer Kate Hess 
Choreographer – Gabriella Carmichael
Janice Rosario and Company choreographer Janice Rosario
Hanna Q Dance Co. choreographer Johanna LjungQvist-Brinson
Katelyn Halpern & Dancers choreographer Katelyn Halpern 
Choreograpoher – Bethany Mitchell
MMDC choreographer Mari Meade 
Amaris Dance choreographer Alexandra Amirov
ThomasOrtiz Dance choreographer Ted Thomas 
Curet Performance Project choreographer Megan Curet
Choreographer – Sean Thomas Boyt
Poemdance Co. choreographer Cleo Carol Knopf
Inclined Dance Project choreographer Kristen Klein
Becky Radway Dance Projects choreographer Becky Radway
Dance Key West choreographer Kyla Piscopink
Boston Community Dance Project (BCDP) choreographer Sarah-Katarina SKooJ CorE-O
Kizuna Dance choreographer Cameron McKinney
Fernweh Productions choreographer Carson Reiners
Choreographer – Kirsten schranze
Copy That Dance choreographer Phoebe Rose Sandford
Vanessa Long Dance Company choreographer Vanessa Long 
The Brooklyn Dance Ensemble choreographer Benjamin Briones
Enjoy some photos from this sold-out performance: https://pyesley.smugmug.com/303030/303030-PUBLICITY/

The Last 30th Anniversary Dance Celebration!

Friday, December 30 at 7:30pm

$30 general admission

$25 EARLYBIRD if purchased by December 15

Estimated Runtime
120 minutes

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photo credits:

5th Digit Dance – Cesar Brodermann

Amaris Dance – Alexandra Amirov

Becky Radway Dance Projects – Sam Polcer

Bethany Mitchell – Steve Lenz

Boston Community Dance Project – Joseph Lee Photography

Kizuna Dance – Ezra Goh Photography

Fernweh Productions – William Frederking

Poemdance Co. – Peter Yesley

Copy That Dance – Nicole Stoddard

CoreDance Contemporary – Eric Bandiero

Curet Performance Project – Gregg Richards

Dance Key West – Jaqlin Medlock

Earth Vibration Dancers – Kate Hess

BEings Dance – Krista Bonura

Gabriella Carmichael – Sans Limites Dance

Hanna Q Dance Company – Max Brinson

Inclined Dance Project  – Andrew J. Mauney

Janice Rosario and Company – Tony Gale

JDY Dance – Bill Hebert

Juliana Garber – Andy Ribner

Katelyn Halpern & Dancers – Aleks Karjaka/Karjaka Studios

Kirsten Schranze – Jonathan Hall

MMDC – Eric Bandiero

NYC Dance Arts Professional Dance Company – EstaVida Photography

Sean Thomas Boyt – Trey Pentecost


Take It Away Dance – Anthony Dean Photography

The Brooklyn Dance Ensemble – Steve Soloman

Thomas/Ortiz Dance – Eric Bandiero

Vanessa Long Dance Company – Inner Lite Photography