Victor Morales


Victor Morales_frame

Photo Courtesy of the Artist

Victor Morales
Video designer, puppeteer & performance artist

Victor Morales is a director, performer and designer based in NYC since ‘91, whose work includes video animation and game design, text, sound design, puppetry and movement. Since ‘03, he has been obsessed with the art of video game modifications and has implemented different game engines into most of the works he created. Since ‘01 he has been collaborating with designer, performer and director Joseph Silovsky; their most recent project, a critically-acclaimed Send For The Million Men, was shown at HERE Arts Center. Morales has worked with many international luminaries of performance, including Chris Kondek, Findlay/Sandsmark, and The Wooster Group.

Dixon Place has commissioned his newest work, Quantum Joy & The Rippling Defects, to premiere in December 2015.

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